How to install WordPress and upload your website template

This tutorial will help you learn how to accomplish two things:

  1. how to install WordPress on your server;
  2. how to upload your website template (Theme) to your new WordPress site.

Steps to install WordPress

Step 1 — Before you begin, you must first download the latest version of WordPress and unzip the package, if you haven’t already done so.

Step 2 — Next, you will need to create a database for WordPress on the server and also create a MySQL user with all privileges.

Step 3 — Upload all of the WordPress files via FTP (e.g. FileZilla) in your desired location onto the server:

  • You can choose to either upload the WordPress files into the root of your domain (e.g. by moving or uploading all contents of the root of the directory on the server.
  • You can also choose to upload your WordPress files inside its very own subfolder on your website (e.g. by creating the blog directory on the server and then uploading WordPress via FTP.

Step 4 — Finally, open and run the installation script in your favourite web browser by visiting: wp-admin/install.php. Depending on which location you decided to upload the files in the last step, you should either visit one of these two examples:

Steps to uploading your website template

If your template’s files have already been uploaded onto the server, you may skip steps 1-3 below and proceed with your template’s activation process (step 4).

Step 1 — You will first need to download the template’s archive and then extract its content files. You might need to keep the directory structure intact in order for the template to function properly, depending on the guidelines provided by the author of your template.

Step 2 — Next, while using an FTP client to access your web server, create a new directory to save your template inside the wp-content/themes folder provided by WordPress. Take the following as an example: a template named Winter should be inside wp-content/themes/winter. Your template might already be structured like so as part of the archive.

Step 3 — In this next step, you will simply need to upload the template files to the new folder onto the server.

Step 4 — To make your template active on your website, first log into the WordPress backend. Next, select the Appearance panel, then Themes. From the Available Themes section, click on the template title (or template screenshot) for the template you wish to activate. A preview of the template will be shown. In order for your template to be active, simply click the Activate “template name” link in the top right.

That’s it! WordPress should now be installed using the website template (Theme) of your choice.


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